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Deep in the HeartCarole Lester

Deep in the Heart

A Brief Texas History (First Edition)
Carole Lester

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-979-8, 158 pages


Developed for use in both on-line and blended courses, Deep in the Heart: A Brief Texas History is an interactive textbook with embedded links. This unique textbook connects the facts of Texas's founding and development to the mystique and mythology that surround it.

Students learn about the geological and archaeological history of the region and its first inhabitants, the period of Spanish conquest and rule, Texas' revolution and establishment as a republic, and its path to statehood. They study its place in antebellum America, and the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction. They explore populism and progressivism in 20th century Texas, and the Texas experience during the Great Depression and World Wars. The book concludes by examining present-day Texas and its perspective on national issues.

In addition to links, the book includes end-of-chapter study questions to prompt discussion and support review. Developed with today's learners in mind, this combination of written text and internet resources provides a rich learning experience for a tech-savvy generation. Deep in the Heart is ideal for courses in Texas history.

Carole Lester earned her Ph.D. in American history at the University of North Texas. Dr. Lester has worked in education for over thirty years as a lecturer, research historian, content developer, and administrator. Having retired from administration, she is now a faculty member in the School of Arts and Humanities at University of Texas at Dallas, where she teaches courses in world and American history, and the history of Texas.