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British Imperialism in ZimbabweMambo Mupepi

British Imperialism in Zimbabwe

Narrating the Organizational Development of the First Chimurenga (1883 – 1904) (First Edition)
By Mambo Mupepi

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-572-4, 168 pages


British Imperialism in Zimbabwe: Narrating the Organizational Development of the First Chimurenga (1883 – 1904) introduces readers to African perspectives on colonization. The book uses stories passed down orally from one generation to another to unveil a new dimension of history. These stories combined with historiography give readers a comprehensive understanding of how the first Chimurenga, or war of independence, was strategized and implemented.

The book explains the model of British imperialism in Zimbabwe and who the leaders and main actors were in the fight to end it. It sheds light on the strategy of the fight for independence and how the philosophy of the Rozvi culture was applied to it.

It discusses how certain states existed without written laws and the impact of this on unifying multiethnic groups to form Shona society. Lastly, British Imperialism in Zimbabwe provides fresh insight into the capture and trial of certain key players in the conflict.

Scholarly and thoroughly researched, yet immediately accessible, British Imperialism in Zimbabwe is ideal for courses in African history, organizational studies, and Black studies.

Mambo Mupepi, who holds a Ph.D. in Organization Development and Change from Benedictine University, is a professor of African and organizational studies at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Dr. Mupepi is originally from Zimbabwe, where he served in the Ministry of Higher Education and as the Executive Director of Human Resources for Morewear Engineering and Trinidad Industries. He has worked in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, and the United States, and is currently the president of International Grand Change, Inc. Dr. Mupepi has also written numerous articles and books including Developing Democratic Paradigms to Advance Civil Societies in Africa: The African Spring.