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Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights MovementHerman Kelly

Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights Movement

Voices of Struggle and Strength (First Edition)
Herman Kelly

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-2462-4, 276 pages


The carefully curated readings in Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights Movement: Voices of Struggle and Strength guide students through troubled times and show how the Black rhetorical tradition both informed and empowered African Americans. The collected works highlight voices that spoke out, even when confronting great danger.

As they engage with the selections, students become familiar with the power, purpose, and passion that are part of this rhetorical tradition, and how it has long been manifested in song and sermon, speech, dance, and poetry. The experiences of African Americans come to life in works on the roots of lynching, African American religion, school desegregation, African emigration, the Jim Crow era, and more. The material is further enhanced by the inclusion of personal experiences of the author-editor and his family.

Sensitive and powerful, Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights Movement is the story of voices that would not be silenced in the face of slavery, racism, and discrimination. The anthology is an excellent choice for courses in African American studies, African American religious traditions, and history.

Herman Kelly earned his doctoral degree in ministry at Memphis Theological Seminary, and now serves at Louisiana State University. Dr. Kelly teaches in both the School of Education and the African and African American Studies Program, for which he is the co-chair of the finance committee. His courses include the history of the civil rights movement and Black rhetorical traditions. He has most recently published Moments of Meditation Celebrating the Bicentennial of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Times Like These. Dr. Kelly is a past recipient of the NAACP Man of the Year Award.