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American History to 1877BY RYAN JORDAN

American History to 1877

By Ryan Jordan

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-949-3, 218 pages


American History to 1877 is a short, yet comprehensive narrative of U.S. history that incorporates numerous primary source documents. These documents illuminate and enliven the narrative and offer students a glimpse into the way in which historians construct their stories. Students are encouraged to critically assess the value or significance of these documents, and to evaluate how certain perspectives from the past have enjoyed wider currency than others. This narrative also incorporates newer analyses concerning race, gender, and transnational influences into the more traditional storyline of economics, military developments, and politics. This approach will appeal to a wide range of historians by building upon recent insights into the history of the United States without neglecting traditional schools of thought.

The documents in American History to 1877 were carefully chosen to offer perspectives from a broad spectrum of early American society, including those of:

  • Important political and military leaders
  • Ordinary white settlers
  • African-American slaves
  • Indigenous writers


Ryan P. Jordan received a Ph.D. in history from Princeton University in 2004, under the direction of James M. McPherson. His first book, Slavery and the Meetinghouse: The Quakers and the Abolitionist Dilemma, 1820-1865 was published with Indiana University Press in 2007. He is also the author of Church, State, and Race: A History of American Religious Liberty, 1750-1900. In addition to having been a lecturer at Princeton, he has taught at Lafayette College, the University of California, San Diego, the University of San Diego, Mesa College, and Palomar College.

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