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Design & in Design (Step-by-Step Instructions)by Scott Farrand

Design & in Design (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Combining visual communication fundamentals with InDesign skills
By Scott Farrand

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-020-9, 166 pages


Design & in Design combines a wealth of publication design theories with step-by-step instructions to help readers learn the basics of InDesign, one of the best and most popular desktop publishing programs used in all fields of communications. This color-illustrated tutorial is filled with examples, designs and exercises that show how to use color, typography, photographs, and more to create effective layout designs.

Students and professionals alike will learn how to develop designs that communicate effectively to their intended audience. This compact spiral book, which provides room to take notes, saves readers time and money by replacing expensive InDesign manuals and combining simple communication design theories with basic InDesign lessons. Two sets of lessons and examples are presented throughout the book; one set applies to journalism and communications, while the other applies to advertising and public relations. Readers are able to apply the theories learned immediately, resulting in far less personal frustration. This text has proved successful in transforming hundreds of student with no computer skills into confident visual communicators who are proficient with InDesign.

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Scott Farrand Scott Farrand is a visual communication professor with the University of South Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. His academic expertise is convergence journalism, publication and print design, and informational graphics.

Scott was busy pioneering the use of "Macintosh" computers when he created and published one of the first informational graphics, using an Apple computer. As a former newspaper graphics editor, Scott has over 20 years of journalism experience using desktop publishing programs that include QuarkXPress and InDesign. During his career he has received numerous awards for his design and informational graphics that include the “Best Designed Newspaper in the World.”