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The Culture of DanceDr. Wendy Guess
    Print $99.95 $79.95

The Culture of Dance

The Power to Create, Connect, and Master (Newly Revised Second Edition)
Edited by Wendy Guess, Ph.D.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-2042-8, 334 pages


Dance is the quintessential language of the world. It has the power to break down barriers and bring people together. The Culture of Dance: The Power to Create, Connect, and Master serves to capture dance as it relates to the three universal elements of interaction. It provides insight into the ways dance has been used in culture throughout time to inspire creativity, enrich connections, and enhance mastery.

The chapters of The Culture of Dance explore many categories of dance, including performance, competitive, political, community-building, commercial, fitness, and therapy. In addition to ballet and modern theater dance, The Culture of Dance also explores the broader perspective of dance as it has existed in cultures throughout history. The variety of authors and viewpoints enhance the wonderful world of dance in so many enriching ways. The Culture of Dance is a healthy, active, and informative journey. It is ideal for courses related to dance, health, fitness, and wellness.

Dr. Wendy Guess has studied and taught healthy behavioral change through dance, fitness, and wellness since 1984. She has expertise in the promotion, communication, and marketing of wellness and fitness across a variety of settings. Currently, Dr. Guess teaches health and fitness marketing at Florida International University. She was the University Dance Educator of the Year from both the Southern District and the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance in 2007.