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Creative ArtDeborah Gustlin and Zoe Gustlin

Creative Art

Methods and Materials (First Edition)
Deborah Gustlin and Zoe Gustlin

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0342-1, 290 pages


Creative Art: Methods and Materials educates readers about a variety of art methods and the ways different civilizations have used them in artistic expression. Each of the fourteen chapters is designed around a specific art method and material, and includes examples of art works and the artists who created them.

Students learn about bronze casting, stone carving, clay sculpture, woodcuts and posters, glass work, and installation art. Each method is matched to artists both ancient and modern. Rather than adhering to a standard approach that focuses on white, male, European artists, the book broadens the student's perspective by including often overlooked female artists.

Global in approach and comprehensive in coverage of arts forms, representations, and styles throughout history, Creative Art has been developed for sixteen-week courses in art appreciation, or introductory survey courses in art history.

Deborah Gustlin earned her master's degree in art education at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and went on to complete her Ed.D. in educational leadership from Saint Mary's College of California. Dr. Gustlin is a faculty member at Gavilan College and coauthor of A World's Perspective of Art Appreciation.
Zoe Gustlin, who earned her master's degree in education at San Jose State University, is an experienced educator, as well as an author who has designed and written multiple books and user guides for the computer industry. She is coauthor of A World's Perspective of Art Appreciation.