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Approaching My Literature (Volume 1)By Peter Hargitai
    Print $106.95 $84.95

Approaching My Literature (Volume 1)

Readings from the Hungarian Exilic Experience
By Peter Hargitai

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-910-3, 804 pages


Peter Hargitai is a remarkably versatile and humanely touching poet with a truly distinctive style and voice. These deeply probing intellectual poems exhibit an impressive range and vivacity of genres.
—Laurence Lieberman, Poetry Editor, University of Illinois Press

Hargitai’s prose reads like lightning; it is swift, sure and irresistible. He has calculated this effect carefully through the use of clipped, angular dialogue, stripped-down plot, and narrative rich in disturbing images.
—Bruce Thomas Boehrer, Florida State University

The unique brand of rebellious neo-confessionalism turns language inside out with its wit and self-irony.
—Adam Makkai, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois

Few can convey the impact of the tragic East European destinies in the madness of the new World with such absurd dexterity as Peter Hargitai.
—Clara Gyorgyey, Yale University

Peter Hargitai has written a brave and important and timely account of the power of hate to seduce and poison the innocent.
—Kati Marton, New York Times bestselling author of Hidden Power

The two-volume compilation of readings in Hungarian exilic literature is a selective guide through the genres of a body of work that until recently was all but inaccessible to English readers, specialist and student alike. These voices from the “other Europe” add a unique and invaluable chord to our appreciation of global diversity by broadening the definition of exile beyond geographical dislocation to questions of identity provoked by political, cultural, psychological and spiritual displacement.

Volume One: Readings from the Hungarian Exilic Experience is a collection of award-winning poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, drama, and a trilogy of novels as seen through the eyes of a hyphenated everyman-in-exile, whose journey transcends his condition as a perpetual outsider condemned to anonymity in a world that is both familiar and strange, twistedly funny and at the same time heart-wrenching, uniquely Hungarian and uniquely American, and more importantly, movingly human.

Peter Hargitai is a Senior Lecturer in English at Florida International University. He has been teaching Writing, Rhetoric and Literature for four decades. As a poet, author and translator, he has garnered numerous literary awards including the Landon Translation Award from the Academy of American Poets, the Füst Milán Award from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Pro Cultura Hungarica Medal from the Republic of Hungary. He is a member of PEN (Writers in Exile).

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