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A Music Industry WorkbookAnthony Scafide

A Music Industry Workbook

By Anthony Scafide

Perforated Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-176-3, 134 pages


A Music Industry Workbook is a comprehensive guide to the foundational aspects of the music industry. It examines the vital and fundamental concepts in “the business,” in addition to providing the know-how to navigate the basic legal, marketing, managerial and moneymaking skills used by industry insiders. Assignments incorporated throughout the book help readers develop real life problem-solving skills, including tour budgeting, venue booking and management, and merchandise creation and marketing. A Music Industry Workbook teaches readers how to look at being a musician from a whole new perspective.

Scafide delivers a hands-on approach to learning the financial and moneymaking factors that drive the music industry. Not just for musicians, this text also serves as a handbook for business majors, marketing majors, management majors, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to know how business is done in the music industry. Whether starting a record label, managing a tour, selling merchandise, or learning the basics of copyright, A Music Industry Workbook is the source.

Anthony Scafide Tony Scafide is an assistant professor of music industry studies at the State University of New York at Oneonta. Prior to joining the faculty at Oneonta, Scafide was the principal partner of Generation Media Inc., a New York City-based public relations, marketing, and management company. At Generation Media, Scafide created national campaigns in press and radio for classical, jazz and independent artists. His clients included authors, publishers, non-profit arts organizations, Major and Independent music labels, and artists. Scafide has worked for and with record labels and music distribution companies such as E-1 Entertainment, New World Records, Polygram, and Phillips Media, among others.