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Health Law and Ethics

(First Edition)
Barbara (Basia) Andraka-Christou

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Health Law and Ethics
Health Law and Ethics

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    Health Law and Ethics explores the intersection of healthcare, law, and ethics. It provides a foundation for understanding the legal system, medical malpractice, reproductive law, informed consent law, employment law, healthcare fraud law, end-of-life decision-making, contract law, and major ethical theories and principles. The integrated nature of the book enhances active learning through case studies, video, quizzes, flashcards, and news articles in every chapter.

    This electronic book was created to provide a clear, organized, and easy-to-read survey of major topics in healthcare law and ethics. The clear, organized structure and plentiful case studies help students better understand the hierarchy of laws, the relationship between federal and state laws, how the law changes, and who makes laws.

    Key topics covered include ethical theories and principles, the U.S. legal structure, making and interpreting law, intentional torts, corporate liability, civil and criminal procedure, information privacy, and more. The text provides foundational knowledge upon which students can build to better understand healthcare, law, and ethics.

    Health Law and Ethics is an exemplary resource for undergraduate courses in the fields of healthcare administration, healthcare services, clinical science, and legal studies. It can also serve as a supplementary text for graduate students who would like to review complex topics in an easy-to-access format.

    Units for this course include:

    • Ethical Theories and Principles
    • U.S. Legal Structure
    • Making and Interpreting Law
    • Reproductive Law and Ethics
    • End-of-Life Law and Ethics
    • Intentional Torts
    • Negligence
    • Corporate Liability
    • Contract Law
    • Criminal Law
    • Civil and Criminal Procedure
    • Informed Consent Law and Ethics
    • Information Privacy
    • Employment Law in Healthcare

    Barbara Andraka-Christou, J.D., Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Management & Informatics, with a joint secondary appointment in internal medicine in the College of Medicine, at the University of Central Florida. Her research explores substance use disorder treatment from health services and health policy perspectives, including medication-assisted treatment barriers, person centered care, mobile health, and client education. To date, she has 16 peer-reviewed publications (published or in press), 3 law review publications, 2 solo-authored books, 22 invited presentations, and 40 peer-reviewed presentations.

    Health Law and Ethics by Barbara (Basia) Andraka-Christou is an entirely online course. The full course includes 14 chapters, or modules, each containing a pre-assessment quiz, lesson, "In the News" assignment, flashcards, and end-of-chapter quiz. Complete content includes:

    • 14 pre-assessment quizzes - 70 multiple choice questions
    • 14 end-of-chapter quizzes - 210 multiple choice questions
    • 14 lessons - each lesson contains a set of learning objectives, readings, video lectures, interactive case studies, and reading references
    • 14 decks of flashcards
    • 14 "In the News" assignments - students are asked to read a relevant news article and then answer 2 - 4 questions about that article
    • 1 group activity on ethical decision-making and ethical values
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