Getting High

The Globalization of Drug Crime (First Edition)
By Don Lacher and Glenn Lacher
Paperback, 322 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1921-7 ©2018
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Getting High

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    Getting High: The Globalization of Drug Crime combines academic research and the real-world experiences of experts in drug-trafficking trends to explore the impact of organized criminal groups and transnational trafficking on the global drug problem.

    The book begins with an in-depth study of the pharmacological and abuse patterns of various drugs. Readers then learn how the illicit global drug market functions as they examine and analyze the workings of domestic and foreign trafficking organizations. They explore the movement of illegal drugs from source countries to destination nations. They become familiar with global drug control policies and recent strides in rehabilitation efforts. Lastly, they explore radical Islam and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as contributing factors to the global heroin trade.

    Getting High takes readers far beyond the familiar topic of drugs in society. The text is a fascinating journey into the international drug market, fueled by an insatiable desire and capitalized on by organized crime. Engaging and informative, it is an excellent choice for courses in drugs and crime, sociology, criminal justice, and addiction studies.

    Don Lacher earned a master's degree in organizational management from the University of La Verne, served the Monrovia Police Department for 31 years, and retired at the rank of captain. Professor Lacher served as the national chair of the Criminal Justice Management Program at the Union Institute and University and is currently vice president of instruction and training for Virtucom Solutions.
    Glenn Lacher is an active duty sergeant in the United States Army Airborne, originally assigned to the combat military police unit. Having completed a combat tour in Afghanistan, he is now an army recruiter. He earned his undergraduate degree in criminal justice management at the Union Institute and University.
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    This book is a compendium of information on drugs, with a unique international perspective. Seamlessly joining in-depth information with smooth digestibility, this book deserves to be part of any Criminal Justice curriculum, and warrants a place on every police department bookshelf. Getting High: The Globalization of Drug Crime sets a new standard for books in this field.

    Dr. Andrew Harvey-Retired Police Captain
    Professor, Union Institute & University