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Gateway to Music

An Introduction to American Vernacular, European Art, and World Musical Traditions (First Edition)
Written and edited by Jocelyn Nelson

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Gateway to Music is an anthology reader for non-music major undergraduate students. Gateway to Music introduces students to musical traditions around the world and places these in historical, social, and cultural context through primary source readings on the meaning of music.

The book is divided into three units. Unit One covers the American vernacular musical tradition, including African-American music and jazz, musical theater, and popular music. Unit Two addresses European Art Music, from antiquity on through the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Modern musical eras. Unit Three is dedicated to World Music, including the music of Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Within these units, each chapter provides information on instruments and ensembles. Students are also introduced to relevant vocabulary for each musical genre. The selected readings are diverse and engaging, and the featured passages range from ”My Bondage and My Freedom” by Frederick Douglass, to Stravinksy writing on “What I Wished to Express in 'The Rite of Spring,'” to an excerpt from Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. As students move through the text, they become familiar with a wide variety of musical concepts, including harmony, form, texture, meter and rhythm, and interpretation through tempo, dynamics, and articulation.

Gateway to Music gives students a well-rounded, comprehensive introduction to numerous musical periods and traditions, and successfully broadens standard notions of music appreciation. It is an ideal text for undergraduate music appreciation courses, and a useful supplement for courses in music history and world music.

Jocelyn Nelson earned her D.M.A. in early guitar performance with an emphasis in early music at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2002. Her M.A. from the University of Denver reflects a dual degree in guitar performance and music history, and her B.M. Magna Cum Laude in guitar performance is from the University of Denver. Dr. Nelson has taught music history, music appreciation, lute and guitar literature, and early guitar and lute performance at East Carolina University. Her 2010 CD of 16th century French guitar and vocal music with vocalist Amy Bartram, Ma Guiterre je te chante, garnered favorable reviews in France and England. Current projects include research on early guitar notation in the collaborative Corpus des Luthistes project under the auspices of the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance at Université de Tours for publication with Brepol. In 2017, Dr. Nelson presented on 16th century guitar music at the International Musicology Society “Tablature in Western Music” study group in Tours, France.