Finding your Math Power

Concepts in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (First Edition)
By Karla Karstens
Paperback, 448 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-195-2 ©2017
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Finding your Math Power

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    Finding your Math Power: Concepts in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers helps pre-service teachers become more effective problem-solvers so they can better teach their students. Designed to reach the inner mathematician in each reader, this math user's manual focuses on practical suggestions and tools. It goes beyond rote procedures for solving problems and emphasizes non-traditional methods that make sense to students.

    After a brief history of math education, the book discusses current standards and general problem-solving. Each subsequent chapter discusses a specific area of instruction and how to teach it effectively. Target skills include sets and Venn diagrams, whole numbers, fractions and decimals, percent, integers, and real numbers. Readers learn various ways to approach and work through the problems in order to meet the varied needs of their students.

    Intended as an inspiring and encouraging guide, Finding your Math Power helps each reader increase their math abilities and embrace their own math power. The book is appropriate for elementary and middle school education programs for pre-service teachers. It is also an excellent reference for teaching professionals seeking to improve their skills as math educators.
    The Second Edition will be published Spring 2019. ISBN: 978-1-63487-195-2

    Karla Karstens is a senior lecturer and Kroepsch-Maurice Award winner at the University of Vermont. Karla taught high school mathematics in Elk River, Minnesota after graduating from the College of St. Benedict. She then left to continue her studies and earned a master of science degree in mathematics at the University of Vermont in 1987. Upon graduation, she was hired by the University of Vermont to teach math to prospective elementary and middle school teachers. For 28 years, Karla has been instructing future educators in the math they need to know in order to be successful in their own classroom. Her many years of experience have led to the creation of this book.