Farrakhan and Education

(Second Edition)
By Dr. Abul Pitre
Paperback, 114 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-0665-1 ©2018
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Farrakhan and Education

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    Farrakhan and Education explores the educational ideas of Louis Farrakhan and demonstrates how these ideas could transform education. The book highlights human development and education — both focused on ongoing transitions through which individuals can attain the highest degree of personal achievement. This achievement is more than academic. As Farrakhan and Education shows, Louis Farrakhan believes such achievement must also be spiritual. Indeed, the text and referenced materials support the view that education plays a critical role in human development.

    Beginning with an overview of the educational experiences of Louis Farrakhan, the book moves through educational philosophy, theoretical constructs in human development, and critical educational theory. It also situates the study of Islam in the context of human development and multicultural education. Moreover, it has a chapter devoted to critique of who defines achievement and explores critical educational theory through the canons of Afrocentric education, multicultural education, and critical pedagogy.

    Farrakhan and Education is different from other texts on education. It recognizes and thoroughly discusses a leader whose work has long gone unrecognized for the major contribution to the study of education. The book is well researched and successfully blends this research with insights gained through years of personal reflection.

    Dr. Abul Pitre received his Ph.D. from Colorado State University and is currently a professor of educational leadership at Prairie View A&M University. His current research interests are in the areas of multicultural education for school leaders, critical educational theory, and the educational philosophy of Elijah Muhammad. He was appointed Edinboro University’s first named professor for his work in African-American education and held the distinguished title of the Carter G. Woodson Professor of Education.
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