Escape into Excellence

Building a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making (First Edition)
Diana Rangaves
Perforated Paperback, 294 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-947-7 ©2016
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Escape into Excellence

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    Escape into Excellence: Building a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making shapes students' critical thinking skills and ethics through student-centered learning activities, practical tool kits, case studies, and readings. The material increases confidence and helps students make their own “personal best” choices.

    Topics include the substance of ethics, approaches to ethics, integrative ethics, and evolving bioethics. Each of the seven chapters features structured learning opportunities, reading strategies, interactive key words, think-aloud and think-pair-share activities, concept mapping, and self-assessments. Of special note are the visual image structures, which use specific icons to indicate transitional quotes, reflection opportunities, learning objectives, and more.

    Rooted in ten years of classroom implementation, Escape into Excellence provides students the groundwork for ethical and authentic decision-making. The book is ideal for courses in law, ethics, philosophy, healthcare, or any discipline that requires thoughtful and considered engagement of one's values and judgments.

    Diana Rangaves holds a doctorate of pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Rangaves spent 26 years with Longs Drugs. Her professional experience has included working in pharmacy services management and serving as a clinical pharmacist. She is now a health sciences faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College, where she teaches traditional, on-line, and blended courses and serves on the Pharmacy Technician Advisory Committee. In addition, to her academic work Dr. Rangaves has formed her own consulting firm. Her areas of expertise include medication reconciliation processes, formulary and therapeutic substitutions, and screening for potential adverse reactions.
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    Weaving together her discipline expertise, teaching experience, and knowledge of how people learn, Dr. Rangaves offers an engaging text to support students in understanding and implementing ethical decision-making practices across disciplines. The core concepts in her book, ∑scape into ∑xcellence are self-reflection, ethical inquiry, problem solving, analysis, and evaluation, all of which are applicable to all areas of study. This informative and engaging book provides a comprehensive, innovative, and compassionate approach to decision-making by engaging readers in activities and routines that center on collaborative, ethical inquiry.
    —Ann Foster, M.A., Professor, Santa Rosa Junior College, Network and Reading Apprenticeship Coordinator

    This book is fantastic! In ∑scape into ∑xcellence , the reader is involved with every facet of modern thinking and controversies, including clearly creating solutions that pivot! The reader will work closely with others or themselves in problem solving and self-reflections. It is perfect for someone who wants to learn and perform strategies that work and enjoys personal and professional growth.
    —Nancy Thomas, B.S.N., P.H.N., M.S.N, R.N., Santa Rosa Junior College Faculty

    This book is about learning, executing and serving both internal and external positions with the finer points of human persuasion and influence. These tools are taught at the highest management levels and support a respectful environment that encourages and reinforces positive behaviors.
    —Traci Strong, Regional District Trainer Clinical Manager, Faculty Pharmacy Technician Santa Rosa Junior College