Documentary Film

An Insider's Perspective (First Edition)
Edited By Dr. Mary Cardaras
Paperback, 254 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-0383-4 ©2017
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Documentary Film

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    Documentary Film: An Insider's Perspective introduces students to various writing selections on documentary films and filmmaking. The material addresses the genre and its history, shares unique views on documentaries, and includes writings from those who study, discuss, promote, teach, and produce them.

    Rather than an academic approach to the topic, the book is rooted in the perspective of the industry insider. Readers benefit from these perspectives, learning not only theory but the reality of the documentary production experience.

    Documentary Film: An Insider's Perspective is designed for anyone interested in documentaries, from the casual viewer to the aspiring filmmaker. The book is an excellent choice for courses in documentary film studies or production, long-form storytelling, or film studies.

    Dr. Mary Cardaras is an assistant professor of communication at California State University, East Bay and holds a doctorate in public and international affairs from Northeastern University. She has been teaching journalism and documentary production since 1991 and has enjoyed a career in journalism spanning more than 30 years and working in five major markets. Dr. Cardaras worked for several local news departments as well as CNN in Atlanta, London, and Boston. She is the author of Fear, Power, and Politics: The Recipe for the War in Iraq after 9/11, published by Lexington Books. She is currently in production on a documentary titled “This Just In” about two pioneering women and their start-up news organization.