Digital Media for Design

(First Edition)
By Maria R. Perbellini and Christian R. Pongratz
Paperback, 364 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-418-2 ©2016
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Digital Media for Design

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    Digital Media for Design introduces students to effective visual communication and creative design strategies using a range of media, from digital drawings and graphics to the physical fabrication of 3D models, that support each stage of the design process.

    The book gives students a comprehensive understanding of digital representations, modeling, and graphics through the applications of a number of software packages including Rhino, Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

    Students will experiment with digitally driven design processes such as pixels and images, lines and curves, and surfaces and solids. Exercises include collage, planar and isometric drawings, the translation of diagrams into three dimensions, surface and solid editing operations, generative systems and tectonic assemblies of components, and fabrication modes of digital designs.

    Digital Media for Design pioneers the didactic organization of contemporary computational methods and techniques typically used in design curricula. The book helps students gain an understanding of emerging media and their impact on design fields such as but not limited to architectural and interior design. It develops students’ ability to model spatial and tectonic conditions digitally and provides fluid software interoperability management.

    Digital Media for Design is written for digital media classes at the undergraduate level, digital design workshops, and undergraduate and graduate design studios.

    Maria R. Perbellini is a principal in Pongratz Perbellini Architects, associate dean for graduate programs, and professor of architecture at Texas Tech University. She is the coauthor with Christian R. Pongratz of a monograph on Peter Eisenman, and the books Natural Born CaaDesigners and Cyberstone. Her writing has appeared in A+A Arquitecturanimación, L’Arca, Interni, Industria delle Costruzioni, Space Magazine, Korean Architects, along with many others.
    Christian R. Pongratz is a principal in Pongratz Perbellini Architects, director of the digital design and fabrication program, and professor of architecture at Texas Tech University. PPA’s numerous publications and awards include the Segnalazione Compasso d’Oro XXI, the Silver Prize Bienal Miami, and the International Estetica Design Award.