Democracy in New England

A Community Politics Reader (First Edition)
Jonathan L. Wharton
Paperback, 302 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-2584-3 ©2018
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Democracy in New England

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    Democracy in New England: A Community Politics Reader analyzes the unique politics and history of the area and explores the political participation of its residents. Highlighting the politics of New Haven, Boston, and Providence, the book features both primary sources and works from the discipline of political science to underscore cultural, historical, and political dynamics.

    The first three chapters of the book provide a comprehensive overview of direct democracy and the New England creed, local power in early New England, and political participation in contemporary Vermont. Later chapters focus more directly on coalition building politics in Connecticut cities, economic development politics in New Haven, busing and education politics in Boston, and partisan politics in Providence.

    Developed in recognition of the region's reverence for state and local government and its rich history of self-governance and citizen political participation, Democracy in New England gives readers insight into the soul of our country's direct democracy. The book is well-suited to courses in state and local politics, comparative politics, and American history.

    Jonathan Wharton is assistant professor of political science and urban affairs at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut where he teaches courses in United States government, public policy, and state and local politics. Dr. Wharton's teaching and research interests include economic development, gentrification, public policy analysis, and political history. He is author of A Post-Racial Change is Gonna Come: Newark, Cory Booker, and The Transformation of Urban America.