Dance and Cultural Diversity

(Second Edition)
Written by Darlene O'Cadiz
Paperback, 276 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1728-2 ©2018
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Dance and Cultural Diversity

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    Dance and Cultural Diversity examines the art of dance within the context of different cultures. In doing so, the readings in the text connect dance to academic disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, and philosophy. Based on the core belief that dance is much more than a form of entertainment or artistic expression, the text demonstrates that dance also has the power to provoke intellectual thought, promote the communion of people from all social classes and walks of life, and reveal the undeniable commonalities of the human experience, while also serving as a valuable tool for expressing cultural diversity. The study of dance as presented in this text transcends music and movement and becomes a study of humanity.

    The chapters in Dance and Cultural Diversity explore the essence of dance, dance in American Indian culture, Polynesian culture, African culture, and South American culture, and the African influence on American dance. The book also covers dances of East Asia, India, and Bali, and the healing properties of dance. The chapters explores specific types of dances, historical and political aspects of geographical areas, and the effect that dance has on the members of each community.

    Dance and Cultural Diversity is appropriate for courses on dance, world traditions, and cultural diversity. It can also be used in cultural anthropology and global society courses.

    Darlene O’Cadiz graduated with her M.A. in theater and dance from California State University, Fullerton where she is currently a lecturer. She has performed in regional dance companies in Southern California and her desire to teach dance and cultural diversity stems from research in exploring different cultures through the medium of dance. Professor O’Cadiz challenges students to analyze life from a philosophical perspective, encouraging them to create a better life for themselves, and apply their knowledge to build a better society for all.