Crisis Intervention

Building Resilience in Troubled Times (First Edition)
Lennis G. Echterling, Jack Presbury, and J. Edson McKee
Paperback, 338 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1158-7 ©2018
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Crisis Intervention

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    Developed by a team of experts in counseling and crisis intervention, and informed by the growing body of literature documenting the resilience of individuals, families, groups, and communities, Crisis Intervention: Building Resilience in Troubled Times is rooted in an evidence-based framework that provides a clear rationale for planning successful intervention strategies.

    Readers are introduced to the concepts of crisis and emergency, resolution and the process of change, the power of connecting with others, and the importance of translating crisis narratives into survivor stories. They learn strategies for managing emotions and developing coping skills. Each chapter highlights fundamental principles and practices with diverse populations and different emergency situations. All chapters include pedagogical features that support learning and skill development, including goals and overviews, crisis case scenarios, and tools to use in real-world application.

    Crisis Intervention prepares students to address the high-stakes needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities in emergency situations. It is ideal for use as the core text in graduate-level classes in crisis counseling. Prerequisite completion of courses in counseling theories and techniques is recommended for students using this text.

    Lennis G. Echterling is a faculty member at James Madison University and a licensed clinical psychologist who has provided crisis intervention, consultation, and training in response to catastrophic events throughout the United States and around the world.
    Jack Presbury earned his Ph.D. in counselor education at the University of Pittsburgh and went on to spend over 32 years as a professor at James Madison University. His research interests include counselor education and brief counseling.
    J. Edson McKee is a licensed professional counselor who earned his Ed.D. at Indiana University. Dr. McKee, a professor emeritus at James Madison University, currently teaches counseling techniques.