Communication Diversity in Families

(First Edition)
Edited by James Honeycutt
Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1049-8 ©2018
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Communication Diversity in Families

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    Communication Diversity in Families discusses diverse family types and the communication that occurs within and among them. The carefully curated readings explore a variety of family forms which exist and have existed in American society throughout its history. They also address the diverse functions and activities of these families.

    The readings are organized into five sections. The first addresses family communication theories and cultural diversity. Subsequent sections discuss spirituality, introspection, and the influence of social media, emotions and physiological arousal in families, family reconfiguration and divorce including animals as family members, and the effects of infidelity and divorce. Within these broad content areas, students will learn about specific issues in relationship dynamics, decision-making approaches, communication styles, the choices people make following life disasters, and the abuse that sometimes occurs within families.

    Dedicated to helping students move beyond parochial perspectives of “the family,” Communication Diversity in Families presents them with an expansive view of family life, family challenges, and family communication. The book is well-suited to courses in family issues, psychology, sociology, communication studies, counseling, social work, and LGBTQ studies.

    James Honeycutt earned his Ph.D. in interpersonal and communication theory at the University of Illinois. Dr. Honeycutt is now a distinguished professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Louisiana State University, where he teaches courses in emotion and communication, relationships, family dynamics, and imagined interactions. He is also founder and director of the university's Matchbox Interaction Lab, as well as managing co-editor of the journal Imagination, Cognition, and Personality. Dr. Honeycutt has lectured across the United States, and is internationally recognized for his work in relationship scripts and mental imagery. Communication Diversity in Families is his seventh book.
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