Communication and Prejudice

Theories, Effects, and Interventions (Second Edition)
By Alexis Tan
Paperback, 294 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1409-0 ©2018
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Communication and Prejudice

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    Communication and Prejudice: Theories, Effects, and Interventions is a comprehensive exploration of how communication affects prejudice, and how communication interventions reduce it. The book gives readers a well-rounded understanding of theories and current research on the topic, sustained with real-world examples that bring concepts and principles to life.

    While many texts on this subject are compilations, Communication and Prejudice presents students with the thoughtful, accessibly written, cohesive view of a single author who considers the issues from a true social science perspective. Topics include levels of communication, defining and measuring prejudice, stereotypes in the media and public information, mass media, and education programs. New chapters address current issues including stereotypes and prejudice in video games, social media and cyberbullying, and digital information literacy. Review guides for tests are also included for each chapter.

    Communication and Prejudice addresses prejudice as a world-wide problem and explores communication interventions at the intra-, inter- and mass communication levels of analysis. It is ideal for undergraduate courses in journalism, mass communication, race and gender in media, and communications.

    Alexis Tan holds a Ph.D. in mass communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a professor of communication and was the inaugural university faculty diversity fellow and the founding director of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication (1990 – 2006) at Washington State University. The recipient of a Senior Fulbright Award, Dr. Tan has lectured and done research in over twenty countries. He has written over sixty journal articles and book chapters, and is the author of Mass Communication Theories and Research; The Intercultural Communication Guidebook: Research-based Strategies for Successful Interactions; and Global Mass Communication and Journalism Research (forthcoming, summer 2018).
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