Celebrating Live Theatre

An Introduction (First Edition)
Written and edited by Mary Kate Caffrey
Paperback, 328 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63189-052-9 ©2016
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Celebrating Live Theatre

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    Written for introductory theatre and theatre appreciation courses, Celebrating Live Theatre: An Introduction gives readers an understanding of what live theatre is and how it is created. Students learn about the roots and traditions of live theatre and the ways in which many styles and genres of theatre around the world can be seen in live performance today.

    Part One of the text presents theatre as a fragile, yet vital living entity and provides a brief explanation of its roots in ritual around the world. Part Two addresses the essentials required for a live performance – an audience, a story, and an actor. Part Three examines theatrical design and includes images and commentary from professional scenic, costume, and lighting designers. Part Four looks at those who play a role behind the scenes including the director, stage manager, technical director, technical support, and critic. Finally, Part Five introduces genres and styles of theatre from around the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

    Celebrating Live Theatre: An Introduction highlights historical and creative influences on theatre and the work that goes into a production. It helps readers appreciate theatre as either members of the audience or practitioners of the art form.

    Mary Kate Caffrey is an instructor of theatre and speech communication at Framingham State University, as well as a lecturer of theatre at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She is former professor of theatre and speech communication and chair of the department of communicative arts at Massasoit Community College. Professor Caffrey earned her master's degree in theatre at Northwestern University. She has since directed over 60 productions and co-founded the Threshold Theatre, where she also serves as co-artistic director and director of education. Professor Caffrey was a contributing author to The Power of Thought and Language: An Anthology of Writing by the 2005-2006 Calderwood Fellows at the Boston Atheneum and is the author of the book The Natural Actor.
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