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A Media Studies ReaderPROF. KEVIN WILLIAMS
    Print $141.95 $112.95

A Media Studies Reader

Edited by Kevin Williams

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93555-156-0, 550 pages


Collected in this volume are some of the most important, provocative, and groundbreaking studies of mediation, communication, and culture. A Media Studies Reader traces the breadth and depth of media studies. Some papers collected here define the field. Others are less-known, but no less important. All mark out ways for understanding a territory — a technological lifeworld in which the dominant forms of capital include information, communication, and mediation.

Think of A Media Studies Reader as a guide book, a collection of maps, a rough guide. This guide:

  • Does not reproduce a territory, but rather creates a way of seeing a field — a world in which media is not only entertainment, but education and enculturation — symbolically and iconically.
  • Emphasizes media literacy, the impact of new technologies on everyday life, and philosophies of communication — most with a political, feminist, and radical humanist twist.
  • Can suit the needs of the undergraduate and graduate alike who share a thirst for observations that bring the field of media studies inquiry to light.

Kevin Williams holds a Ph.D. in the philosophy of communication and media studies from Ohio University. He currently teaches media criticism and production at Shepherd University in West Virginia. He is also a musician — a drummer turned electric violinist. He lives with his partner TC and a rather large assortment of cats who showed up one day and never left. He can be reached for further discussion at and