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Structure and DesignG G Schierle, PhD, FAIA
    Print $114.95 $91.95

Structure and Design

By G G Schierle, PhD, FAIA

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93426-937-4, 624 pages


Structures support load and are essential to define form and space. To design structures in synergy with form and space requires creativity and an informed intuition of the structural principles. The objective of this book is to introduce structural principles as the foundation of creative design and demonstrate successful application through many case studies. Structure and Design is a reference book for design studios, architects, civil engineers and builders and a text book for education.

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With rich illustrations, Structure and Design:

  • Clarifies complex concepts without calculus yet provides greater insight for readers with mathematics background.
  • Includes details in wood, steel, masonry, concrete, and fabric.
  • Contains many graphs that streamline complex tasks, such as column buckling and design for wind and seismic forces and correlate SI metric with US units.


Professor Schierle is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, recipient of the ACSA Creative Achievement Award, NSF, HUD, and FEMA research grants, founding Director of USC's Master of Building Science Program, and a professional architect. He has lectured and published extensively on design for earthquake safety and tensile structures, including at AIA National Conventions. Dr. Schierle holds PhD and Master of Architecture degrees from UC Berkeley and a Dipl-Ing degree from Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. He teaches structures and design at USC and has also taught at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Stanford. He has served on the California structure license committee, the Journal for Architectural Education Editorial Board, and Fabric Architecture advisory board and annual awards jury. His professional practice includes major projects in America, Asia, and Europe.