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Workplace PsychologyOriel Strickland

Workplace Psychology

The Science and Practice of Human Resources (First Edition)
By Oriel Strickland

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-354-0, 264 pages


Workplace Psychology: The Science and Practice of Human Resources provides a solid foundation in the major theories and practice of workplace psychology. People spend a tremendous amount of time at their workplaces, often marveling at how inefficient a workplace environment can be. Current knowledge and applications of Human Resources and Workplace Psychology make it possible to intelligently manage the “people aspect” of the workplace. This book gives students such critical knowledge.

Workplace Psychology is a unique blend of psychological theory and research, and workplace application. The book provides a scholarly review of the topics covered on the semi-annual Professional in Human Resources (PHR) examination.

These topics include:

  • Business Strategy and Performance
  • Workforce Planning: Hiring and Legal Issues
  • Training and Employee Development
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Motivational Concepts
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Risk Management, Safety, and Occupational Stress

Concise and focused, each chapter highlights relevant theory, empirical work, current practices, and legal and professional contexts. The combination of text, images, and graphics helps to maintain student interest. Chapters feature self-test learning objectives, in-text glossaries, research replication and sequencing exercises, short essay questions, and a section on relating the topics to real life. The material is organized around national standards, and highlights current research. The book acknowledges the humor to be found in managing people, but does not shy aware from controversial topics that are often not covered in other texts.

Workplace Psychology can be used in courses on the Psychology of Work, Organizational Psychology, and Organizational Behavior. It is also an excellent supplemental text for classes in Employee Relations, and Human Resource Management. In addition to academic courses in universities, community colleges and professional schools, Workplace Psychology is a valuable resource for practitioners studying for the PHR Examination.

Teaching Resources
Adopting professors will receive lecture PowerPoints and test banks.

Oriel Strickland, Ph.D., PHR, is a professor of psychology at California State University, Sacramento. She earned a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (workplace psychology) from Purdue University, and recently earned national certification as a Professional in Human Resources. Her teaching interests at both the graduate and undergraduate levels include workplace psychology, critical thinking, training, and stress management. Dr. Strickland has published numerous scholarly articles on these topics, and maintains an active role in Human Resources applications. A main focus of her professional life has involved applied research projects that focus on training and program evaluation for private industry as well as state agencies in California.