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Principles of Management and LeadershipBy Stephen F. Hallam

Principles of Management and Leadership

(Third Edition)
By Stephen F. Hallam

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-298-3, 464 pages


The third edition of Principles of Management and Leadership is the result of suggestions from thousands of students and their teachers. Every effort has been made to connect management principles and concepts to students’ experiences, beginning with the first chapter that describes basic concepts of motivation and challenges students to apply them to their current motivation to succeed in their education. Often considered separate and distinct disciplines, readings in this book demonstrate that there is considerable overlap between management and leadership, both in theory and practice.

The materials chosen for the text reflect the author’s education and his experience as a business manager, followed by many years of experience both as an educator at the university level and a business school dean at three major universities.

Each chapter begins with learning objectives and the chapter outline and ends with questions for review related to those objectives. The index and glossary help students prepare for tests and make it easy for them to find the definition and discussion of key terms.

Principles of Management and Leadership effectively blends practical application of management and leadership concepts with current theory. The text is divided into three parts. Part I discusses motivation, management history, ethics, planning, and organizing. Part II examines leading, controlling, human resource management, teamwork, and writing and speaking as a manager. Part III explores diversity, power, small business management, global management, emotional intelligence, and managing your career in business. Classic articles are also included within each part providing further depth for key concepts.

Adopters will have access to a student-tested online resource platform that delivers a robust set of teaching and learning tools including PowerPoint slides with lecture notes, recorded audio lectures, student exercises, test banks, and more, making this text perfect for any type of introductory course in management.

Stephen Hallam Stephen F. Hallam is professor of management at The University of Akron, where he teaches management principles and concepts, strategic management, and leadership. He is the former dean of the College of Business Administration at The University of Akron, as well as the former dean at The University of Michigan-Flint and former associate dean at Northern Illinois University. He has taught courses in creative thinking, business statistics, financial accounting, managerial accounting, principles of marketing, and introduction to business. Steve’s recent publications include such topics as business ethics, dealing successfully with job loss, conversational learning, and online education. He earned his Ph.D. from The University of Iowa, and he has done post doctoral work at Case Western Reserve University, The University of Georgia, and Harvard.