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Preparing an Evidence-Based ReportT Zane Reeves

Preparing an Evidence-Based Report

(First Edition)
T. Zane Reeves

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-578-3, 178 pages


Preparing an Evidence-Based Report uses case studies to teach basic principles of human resources and the skills needed to conduct investigations into human resource issues. It explores the emotional nature of such investigations and the tensions they inevitably produce. Readers learn practical skills to ensure investigations are carried out in a fair and reliable manner.

Each step in the process is explained beginning with the decision of whether or not to investigate. The book explains the role of the neutral investigator, how to craft an interview, and how to infer facts from evidence. It addresses what to do when facts don't add up and how to avoid jumping to conclusions. Lastly, readers learn how to make useful recommendations and write persuasive reports. Special attention is given to gender discrimination investigations. Each chapter includes self assessment exercises.

Preparing an Evidence-Based Report is dedicated to teaching professionals how to satisfactorily and positively resolve human resource problems. It is an excellent resource for investigators, hearing officers, and arbitrators.

T. Zane Reeves is a Regents' Professor at the University of New Mexico, where he teaches in the School of Public Administration. He earned his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Southern California and has also received extensive training in arbitration, which resulted in his induction into the National Academy of Arbitrators. He has served as a labor arbitrator in the public and private sectors for the past 25 years. Dr. Reeves is the author of numerous books including Cases in Public Human Resource Management and Personnel Management in the Public Sector. He sits on the Board of Outcomes and the Julius Rezler Foundation.