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Human Capital Leadership: A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Workplace PotentialJonathan H. Westover, Ph.D.

Human Capital Leadership

A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Workplace Potential (Newly Revised First Edition)
Edited by Jonathan H. Westover, Ph.D.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-100-6, 414 pages


…a cutting-edge HR leadership text from an emerging top management scholar and proven human capital leadership consultant to the new-age HR professional; a must-read for those wanting to work in a strategic global environment. ...a comprehensive overview of HR best practices, practical HR strategic management cases, and human capital leadership models. ...Every single page caused me to reflect on my own HR leadership efforts and caused me to ask how I am doing in my company. ...I will ask my entire HR leadership team to read this book.
— 윤대헌 (David Yoon), SCA Regional HR Director of LG Electronics (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I am impressed by the assortment of human capital leadership topics addressed in this book. This text takes a real strategic and broad approach to Human Resources. It covers many of the traditional fields and the new developing areas of human resources. Additionally, it includes an excellent summary of the various laws and statutes that a good HR professional needs to know.
— John Campbell, HR Director of Valley Mental Health (USA)

It is not enough in today's society to simply manage processes and widgets; a true leader of any organization understands how to manage the human asset. This text does a superb job of identifying where the human resource field has been and new trends that must be acknowledged in today’s world of business. A must read for any leader looking to unlock the secrets of managing their human resources.
— Kelly J. Brimhall, Human Resource Director, Timpanogos Regional Hospital (HCA) (USA)

This text represents an outstanding compilation of academic and practitioner-focused articles identifying best practices and providing exceptional analysis of a whole host of HR topics, while emphasizing both strategic HR leadership and international perspectives. As an HR Director, I would be thrilled if my staff members possessed the knowledge and understood the analytical frameworks contained in this book. As a management faculty member, I would thoroughly enjoy using this publication as a primary or supplementary text for my undergraduate or graduate-level HR courses. The articles and case studies would make for great class discussions and build a solid understanding of the issues facing HR professionals and business managers, both domestically and worldwide.
— Rick Hughes, HR Director, State of Utah (USA)

Human Capital Leadership: A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Workplace Potential provides a comprehensive introduction to human resource management issues in the modern workplace.

Focused on understanding complex human behavior within a dynamic organizational context, the book covers strategic human capital leadership, globalization, and strategic IHRM to meet AACSB requirements.

Human Capital Leadership presents a wide range of introductory material, human resource management readings, management case studies, and cross-disciplinary research in an organized, clear, and accessible manner. The concise and lively approach of the text engages students and helps them develop their critical thinking skills and human resource competencies, while applying core concepts to a global workplace environment.

Of special note are the supplemental resources, most of which are not typically available in academic readers. These include in-depth glossaries, a topical index, and appendices on U.S. employment and labor law.

Written for undergraduate and graduate business students, the substantive content of Human Capital Leadership makes the book a successful stand-alone text for courses in human resource management. It can also be used as a supplemental reader to standard textbooks. In addition, it is a useful resource for organizational managers, leaders, and human resource professionals seeking to understand proven practices and methods in order to maximize their human capital potential.

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Jon Westover Jonathan H. Westover is an associate professor of management and associate director of the Center for the Study of Ethics at Utah Valley University, specializing in international human resource management, organizational development, and community-engaged experiential learning. He is also an organizational development and performance management consultant. Professor Westover is a Fulbright Scholar and is a regularly visiting faculty member in other graduate business programs in the U.S., U.K., France, Belarus, Poland, and China. His ongoing research examines issues of globalization, labor transformations, work quality characteristics, and the determinants of job satisfaction cross-nationally.