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Statistics for Business and Economics

By Stuart Strother and Orlando Griego

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-731-4, 316 pages


Statistics for Business and Economics is designed to show readers how to become producers of statistical analysis, which will help them make decisions and become better consumers of information. This text explores essential statistical techniques, including data collection, simple graphic and numeric statistical procedures, probability, hypothesis testing, and regression. The authors use real-world data throughout the book to give students a realistic appreciation of the value of data analysis in today's marketplace. Each chapter includes a summary of terms and chapter exercises that encourage students to think critically about the concepts presented in the chapter. This text is ideal for instructors looking for a simple and concise approach to teaching introductory business and economics statistics courses.

Statistics for Business and Economics is logically organized into four sections:

  • Part One: Descriptive Statistics
  • Part Two: Probability
  • Part Three: Hypothesis Testing
  • Part Four: Correlation and Regression

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Stuart Strother Stuart C. Strother, PhD, is professor of economics at Azusa Pacific University. Prior to academia, he worked in telecommunications and was in the U.S. Army. His research and writing focuses on urban economic development, and international business in China. Professor Strother earned his doctorate in Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville in 2004 and his Master of Business Administration degree at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2000.
Orlando Griego Orlando Griego, PhD, is a professor, former Air Force officer, and previous Associate Dean at Azusa Pacific University. He has co-authored two books on SPSS and publishes in the area of management, research design, and organizational development. Professor Griego earned his doctorate in Human Resource Development at Colorado State University in 1997 and his MS in Human Resource Management, Golden Gate University in 1985.