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Management Through PuzzlesRani Selvanathan
    Print $29.95 $23.95

Management Through Puzzles

(First Edition)
By Rani Selvanathan

Perforated Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-814-9, 72 pages


Management Through Puzzles uses crossword puzzles as a learning tool to assist in reviewing and remembering important management concepts. Clues to terms, technology, and application activate cognitive schema and review course material in a relaxed manner that is often more effective than standard study and review strategies.

The puzzles are developed to coordinate with topics covered in standard management textbooks and taught in typical management courses. These include organizational culture, globalization, decision making, planning and strategy, team and human resource management, motivation, and leadership.

Students can complete the puzzles as homework, or as review and test preparation. They can be done alone, or in groups to encourage communication and paraphrasing which adds another layer of comprehension.

The fresh, fun workouts for the brain in Management Through Puzzles can be used as part of a program of classroom instruction, or by management practitioners to support recall and retention.

Rani Selvanathan holds a Ph.D in operations research from the University of Delhi in Delhi, India and a Doctorat de Troisieme (Ph.D) in transportation economics from the University of Paris, France. Dr. Selvanathan has also earned the designation Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) from the American Production and Inventory Control Society. Currently she is an associate professor of management at West Chester University, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The author of numerous journal articles, Dr. Selvanathan is currently an external reviewer for the Investment Management and Financial Innovations journal.