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OverchoiceChristian Gilde and Fredrick Chilson


Too Much to Choose From, Too Little Time (First Edition)
By Christian Gilde and Fredrick M. Chilson

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-442-7, 172 pages


Examining the increasingly common dilemma experienced by consumers who face an overabundance of choices, Overchoice: Too Much to Choose From, Too Little Time provides a much-needed context for the quandary and offers tools to help cope with it.

The book creates an unobstructed overchoice narrative. It examines overchoice as a psychological theme and establishes its sociological foundations. It explores the economic nature of overchoice and its impact on the marketplace. It provides an overview of consumer culture, consumer overload, and the resultant consumer disenchantment. Lastly, it addresses the informational complexity created by overchoice.

Developed to help readers recognize that the most plentiful choice is not necessarily the best one, Overchoice shows them how to analyze and make discerning decisions about the abundance that is regularly offered to consumers today. This timely text is well-suited for courses in marketing, consumer behavior, social psychology, and economics.

Christian Gilde received his Ph.D. from the University of Bath and is now an associate professor of business in the Business and Technology Department at the University of Montana Western. His teaching interests include marketing and consumer behavior, and his research focuses on consumer psychology and culture.
The former operations manager for a multi-million dollar company, Fredrick M. Chilson went on to pursue his Ph.D. and now serves as a professor of business and the chair of the Business and Technology Department at the University of Montana Western. Dr. Chilson is also a managing editor for the Journal of Excellence in Business Education.