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Smart Start-Up ManagementJ. Kevin Toomb

Smart Start-Up Management

Operating Your Business Effectively (Revised First Edition)
Edited by J. Kevin Toomb, Ph.D.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-341-4, 188 pages


Smart Start-Up Management: Operating Your Business Effectively is the follow-up text to Smart Start-Up Essentials: An Introduction to Effective Entrepreneurship. This second book in the series helps new entrepreneurs make the transition to becoming managers and leaders. The book addresses the most essential issues for effectively managing start-ups, and ensuring that new businesses survive.

The four succinct sections of the text focus on the drivers of successful business management. The first section discusses creating smart business and life strategies. In the second section, students learn about planning and managing business financials. The third section examines smart ways to recruit and manage employees, and the fourth section is devoted to smart marketing.

Specific topics include: setting goals and objectives that support the mission of the business; conducting accurate financial forecasts; applying the right tools to identify, attract, and engage customers; and taking advantage of global markets and electronic sales opportunities.

From how to create the right vision and mission, to establishing a climate of care, Smart Start-Up Management provides readers with clear and useful guidance for operating a new business effectively, which will help it survive.

J. Kevin Toomb, Ph.D., was a Clinical Professor of Business for six years at the Belk College of Business, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate business courses in marketing and management, he launched and directed the Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship program. He taught more than 1,500 entrepreneurial students in four academic years. A former banking executive, Dr. Toomb has thirty years of experience working in organizations ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations. He has conducted research in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, marketing analytics, and social capital.

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