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Tiger in the Office

How to Capitalize on Opportunity and Launch Your Career (Trade Edition)
Mike Callahan

Coming Soon!

Don’t let your unfulfilling career be the elephant in the room; take control – become the tiger in the office!

Career paths are often determined by what is available in the job market, leaving people unsatisfied with their careers. Tiger in the Office: How to Capitalize on Opportunity and Launch Your Career puts to use lessons learned by entrepreneurs in order to push you towards your next step, rediscover buried career goals, and learn to take action towards them and pursue not just professional success, but true professional fulfillment.

Based on his own experience in management, human resources, and career development, author and educator Mike Callahan explains the importance of understanding your professional self and learning to tell your own professional story. He offers up specific tools and strategies for bringing greater value to your current job or searching out and leveraging your ideal opportunity. You'll learn how to best take responsibility for your own career, identify your own professional super powers, use social media resources to their fullest potential, and drive your career in the direction you choose. Aspiring and mid-career professionals alike will gain valuable insight into surviving, adapting, and flourishing in today's workplace.

In his more than 25 years as a senior business professional Mike Callahan worked in career planning, project management, and human resources. While with Electronic Data Systems he served as director of human resources for Latin America and worked in regional management. Callahan teaches at the University of Michigan-Dearborn where he also directs the Internship and Career Management Center for the College of Business. He is committed to helping his students, and now his readers, pursue their professional passions and both launch and develop successful careers.

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