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More Than One Right AnswerLen Stokes

More Than One Right Answer

Ethical Dilemmas for Business Students (First Edition)
By Leonard E. Stokes, Ph.D.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-908-1, 214 pages


More Than One Right Answer: Ethical Dilemmas for Business Students makes use of ethical dilemmas confronting today's college students to build the skills they need to confront professional ethical dilemmas in a business environment. It presents “College Situations” that prompt questioning and critical thinking, and then asks students to apply what they have learned to “Business Scenarios”.

The book includes student-generated cases that address actual situations the students encountered. These deal with topics such as sexual harassment, roommate interactions, academic dishonesty, and theft on campus. “Reflection Questions” in the text promote discussion, while “Academic Growth Questions” help students improve their overall academic experience.

These questions, in combination with the cases, provide opportunities to generate multiple real-world solutions. They prepare students to move on to the professional scenarios, which are also reality-based. Students are encouraged to develop several alternatives when problem-solving, and to recognize that there is no single “right” answer.

Extensively class-tested, More Than One Right Answer is designed specifically with business courses in mind, but can be used in any course on applied ethics. The text is ideal for classes in business ethics.

Leonard Stokes earned his Ph.D at Union College. Currently Dr. Stokes is a professor of accounting at Siena College, where he teaches a variety of courses including financial accounting, fraud and forensic accounting, accounting research and communication, and ethics in business and society. He is the author of the book Accounting for Partnerships and his writing has been published in the Journal of Global Business Issues, the Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, and the International Journal of Learning. Dr. Stokes is a Certified Management Accountant with extensive experience in the field, and a member of the Institute of Management Accountants and Institute of Internal Auditors.