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Writing Winning ProposalsTHOMAS R. HAGLEY
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Writing Winning Proposals

PR Cases
By Thomas R. Hagley

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93426-996-1, 396 pages


"Through his masterful teaching, Tom Hagley has been bringing his years of 'real world' public relations experience into the classroom for students fortunate to have him as their professor. With the publication of his Writing Winning Proposals, Hagley's expertise will benefit thousands of students beyond his classrooms as well as professionals wanting to sharpen their skills." – Lynne M. Sallot, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Advertising and Public Relations Department, The Grady College, University of Georgia

Writing Winning Proposals PR Cases teaches students, as well as practitioners, how to write public relations plans and proposals designed to win approval and be successful. The book is written from the plan reviewer's perspective with rules for writing each of 10 components of a plan. Sage advice is given on the creative and strategic use of plan elements for 16 actual cases. The situations are within the realm of student understanding, yet challenging to students' analytical skills and ability to address them in a disciplined form that is perfectly clear to others. Cases, with 84 related writing assignments, provide public relations practice in community, media, employee, government relations; crisis, risk, corporate, emergency service, and social media communication; and sport, arts, green and celebrity promotional event planning.

The book's classroom role plays, team assignments, individual writing exercises and case problems, challenges and opportunities give what one newly employed graduate called, "great confidence to take on any challenge." The book can be used as a text, an academic text supplement, or workbook for campaigns, strategic planning or public relations writing courses.

Teaching Resources

Tom Hagley is a senior instructor of public relations at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication. A recipient of the school's Jonathan Marshall Award for innovative teaching, Hagley joined the faculty in 2001. Since then he has taught more than 50 classes in public relations principles, advanced writing, strategic planning and campaigns to nearly 1,000 students. His work as an educator was preceded by 30 years of progressive professional experience as an executive with Alumax, Inc., Hill and Knowlton, Inc., his own consulting business, Alcoa, as publications chief for Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., and general assignment/investigative reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer. He has a master's and bachelor's degree in journalism from Ohio University and has been a guest instructor at The University of Georgia, Georgia State University, University of Missouri, University of Portland, Central Washington University and Linfield College.