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Mastering Managerial AccountingChristine Denison

Mastering Managerial Accounting

Key Concepts through Problem Sets (First Edition)
By Christine Denison

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-118-4, 364 pages


Traditional accounting textbooks are often text-heavy and relegate actual accounting problems to back-of-the-chapter status. In contrast, Mastering Managerial Accounting helps students learn by doing. It emphasizes working through problems over reading about theory and identifies clear procedures for completing each problem successfully.

Well-organized chapters include recommended readings from numerous sources and a concise explanation of relevant theory. The heart of each chapter features an appropriate method for solving problems, an illustrative example, and an introductory stop-check problem for immediate application.

There are also practice exercises paired with note-taking space for class use, step-by-step exercises for selective practice, whole problems requiring use of the entire target method, and an assignment problem. Those wishing to work at a more advanced level can complete challenge problems. Detailed answers are provided for self-evaluation.

Topics include the operating budget, variance analysis, capital budgeting under uncertainty, cost and service department allocation, job and normal costing, pricing, and production under constraints.

Extensively class-tested, Mastering Managerial Accounting serves equally well as the main text for instructors wishing to emphasize practical problem-solving and as a supplement to traditional texts.

Christine Denison, whose areas of expertise include decision making in managerial accounting and capital budgeting and performance evaluation, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. Dr. Denison is now an associate professor at Iowa State University. Dr. Denison’s work has been published in The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research.