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Basics of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

An Introductory Guide (Second Edition)
Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Lawrence Peltz, and Susan Bernadett-Shapiro
This text is designed to teach students about the short-term group counseling process and the basics of leading groups designed for personal change. Students learn how to understand what is going on in their groups, what interventions are most likely to be effective, and when to make those interventions. The text provides readers a competent and effective foundation for their study and practice in group work.

Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Ph.D. , is a professor of counseling psychology at Santa Clara University, a retired licensed clinical psychologist, and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.
Lawrence Peltz, M.D. , is the medical director of the Bournewood Caulfield Center and has worked an an addiction psychiatrist for more than two decades.
Susan Bernadett-Shapiro, Ph.D. , is a group counseling lecturer at Santa Clara University and a practicing marriage and family therapist and psychologist.