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Sport, Race, Activism, and Social ChangeEdited by Fritz G. Polite and Billy Hawkins

Sport, Race, Activism, and Social Change

The Impact of Dr. Harry Edwards' Scholarship and Service
Edited by Fritz G. Polite and Billy Hawkins

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-222-6, 232 pages


Sport, Race, Activism, and Social Change: The Impact of Dr. Harry Edwards's Scholarship and Service expands on the works of a man who spent three decades working for social justice as an activist, scholar, and public servant. Recognizing that more than forty years later his work is still current and relevant, this book examines the role of Dr. Harry Edwards in fighting against racial injustice in the field of sport.

Dr. Edwards’ original scholarship includes seminal pieces on race, sport, human rights, and the discipline of sport sociology. Sport, Race, Activism, and Social Change—written for sport management practitioners, sport studies scholars, and the sport enthusiast—provides necessary insight into the interplay between sport and society.

Sports, Race, Activism, and Social Change is organized into five units. Beginning with a historical overview, the text then addresses sport and community service, international perspectives, gender relations, legal aspects, sport administration, and media representations. As they read through these chapters students will explore topics such as:

  • The Economic Dream of the Black Athlete
  • Football as the New African Slave Trade
  • The Role of Harry Edwards in Raising the Bar as a Public Servant
  • Social Entrepreneurship as Social Activism

As they present comprehensive analytical scholarship in the areas of their research and expertise, contributors to this anthology also share their experiences. Sport, Race, Activism, and Social Change provides a framework for examining the significance of sport in promoting social change.

Fritz Polite Dr. Fritz G. Polite is a clinical professor of Sport Management, at The University of Tennessee (Knoxville). He is the Director and founder of The Institute for Leadership, Ethics & Diversity (I-LEAD) as well as the Director for Community Outreach and Global Engagement in The College of Education, Health and Human Sciences. He has over 30 years of experience in sports, management, coaching, teaching and business to include 19 years of International experience. His primary research focus is in the area of socio-cultural aspects of sport to include: leadership, hiring practices, race, gender and diversity. He also proudly serves on the Executive Board of the College Sports Research Institute (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill).
Billy Hawkins Dr. Billy Hawkins is an associate professor at the University of Georgia in the Department of Kinesiology. He is currently a visiting scholar with the University of Trinidad-Tobago. His teaching contributions are in the area of sociology of sport and cultural studies, sport management, and sport for development at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research focus is on racial issues in the context of sport and physical activity. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Physical Education and Sport and Cultural Studies and Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. His book, The New Plantation: Black Athletes and College Athletics, examines the experiences of Black student athletes in intercollegiate athletics.