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More like than DislikeDeidre Tyler

More like than Dislike

Race in America (First Edition)
Edited by Deidre Tyler

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-244-7, 288 pages


Rather than focusing on differences, More like than Dislike: Race in America features readings that explore similarities among the races. Based on the premise that in a rapidly changing world people of all colors are facing the same challenges, the book places these challenges before the reader for examination and analysis.

The readings are organized into ten chapters, each addressing a specific issue. Some of these issues impact individuals with topics such as income stagnation, jobs and the economy, affordable housing, and food insufficiency. Others are societal in scope, including K-12 education, crime, the growing number of the elderly, and the effects of globalization.

Students will come to see that, while issues of race cannot be ignored, there are great benefits to be had in uniting to confront shared challenges. More like than Dislike: Race in America is an excellent reader for sociology courses, and classes on minority and ethnic issues.

Deidre Tyler holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Mississippi State University. Dr. Tyler is a professor of sociology at Salt Lake Community College. Her professional writing has appeared in Black Issues in Higher Education, Issues, and Inquiry, and the International Journal of Sociology and she is the author of the book Our Corner of the World: African-American Women of Utah Tell Their Stories. Dr. Tyler is a member of the Association of Black Sociologists and the American Sociological Association.