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Gender, Sex, and SocietyOrvic Ralph Pada

Gender, Sex, and Society

Biological Considerations, Social Constructions, Identity, and the Body (First Edition)
Edited by Orvic Ralph Pada

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-624-8, 310 pages


Gender, Sex, and Society: Biological Considerations, Social Constructions, Identity, and the Body combines peer-reviewed journal articles and original work to create a foundational theoretical framework for exploring concepts and issues of gender, sexuality, and society. The text introduces readers to a variety of authors and research and encourages them to apply what they read to their own lives and experiences.

The readings in the first unit highlight key conceptual questions about how society defines and forms normative regulations for gender, as well as how gender is socially governed and controlled. In the second unit the selections focus on the roots of gender ideologies, historical trends, and patterns that temper gender-binary norms and practices.

The third unit features selections that encourage readers to analyze social institutions and the role they play in socializing, tempering, and interpolating people into gender binaries. Readers also consider the social change needed to eliminate inequalities that stem from gendered ideologies.

Written for undergraduate courses, Gender, Sex, and Society is well-suited to classes in women's studies, cultural studies, sociology, and American cultural studies.

Orvic Ralph Pada (Ph.D. in progress at Claremont Graduate University), earned an M.A. in sociology at California State University, Fullerton and an additional M.A. in intercultural studies at Simpson University in Redding, California. An adjunct faculty member in the Department of Sociology at Fullerton, Professor Pada teaches courses on the sociology of city life, sociological theory, service learning, and gender, sex, and society. His areas of interest include urban sociology, Asia-Pacific development, globalization, and ethnic and intercultural relations. Professor Pada is the author of The Crux of Urban Identity and Space: Untangling Urban Renewal, Gentrification, Socio-economic Status, and Religious Institutional Presence (forthcoming, 2015).