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Enduring Issues in Law and SocietyMichelle Foster

Enduring Issues in Law and Society

(First Edition)
Edited by Michelle Foster

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-328-1, 218 pages


The anthology Enduring Issues in Law and Society is a reflection on how members of society can live together without causing harm to others. The solution is rooted in the basic concepts of equality, fairness, and justice, which informed the selected readings.

The book uses real-world examples to give students information, and encourages them to think critically about contemporary social issues.

Section One helps students understand crime, law, and justice. It introduces social justice theory, and addresses general misinformation about crime. Section Two identifies inequities that contribute to crime including racial inequities, and inequities within the justice system.

Section Three addresses policy and social justice. Readers will learn about specific cases that deal with legal attempts to increase social justice. Section Four focuses on social ills that lead to crime. This section also examines public attitudes toward gun usage for self-protection.

An introduction to each section provides insight into the material and prepares students for effective reading.

Enduring Issues in Law and Society can be used in sociology and criminal justice courses.

Michelle Foster holds master's degrees in political science and justice studies, both from Kent State University, where she is currently an assistant professor. She writes regularly on criminology and criminal justice, with recent works appearing in the Praxis Journal, the Encyclopedia of Criminology & Criminal Justice, and the Encyclopedia of American Law & Criminal Justice.