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Critical and Creative Thinking (Updated Second Edition)Debra Welkley and Santos Torres Jr.

Critical and Creative Thinking

(Updated Second Edition)
Edited by Debra L. Welkley and Santos Torres, Jr.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-057-3, 278 pages


Coming Soon
The Third Edition will be published Fall 2017. ISBN: 978-1-63487-057-3

Critical and Creative Thinking serves as a primer to expand how we think and employ the basic skills involved in the identification and evaluation of an argument. It provides a basic foundation for teaching and learning critical and creative thinking.

The text provides readers with the critical and creative thinking fundamentals needed to get at the essentials of the vast landscape of ideas and opinions on today’s social issues. The selected readings included in this edition have been carefully chosen for their ability to bring a wide range of perspectives and salience to the critical and creative thinking approach the authors have developed.

Debra L. Welkley has a master’s in sociology from Baylor University. Currently she is a lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, in the Department of Sociology and has taught sociology courses for over 22 years in community colleges as well as four-year colleges/universities. Additionally, she has worked in various social services venues as a direct service worker, administrator, and consultant. For over a decade she has taught critical thinking by incorporating the sociological perspective and using social issues as discussion points for students to practice their critical thinking skills.
Santos Torres, Jr. holds a doctorate from Northern Illinois University in educational psychology, counseling, and special education, a master’s in social work from George Williams College, and a bachelor’s in sociology and psychology. He is a professor at California State University, Sacramento, where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate classes and serves as the Graduate Program Director in the Division of Social Work. He is editor of Palabra: The Book of Living Essays and co-author of Teaching School Social Work: Model Course Outlines and Resources. He brings to this text over three decades of teaching experience and work as a practitioner, administrator, curriculum consultant, researcher, and author.