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Psychological Science in ActionEdited by Meliksah Demir, Melissa Birkett, Laurie Dickson, and Michelle Miller
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Psychological Science in Action

Applying Psychology to Everyday Issues (Revised Edition)
Edited by Meliksah Demir, Melissa Birkett, Laurie Dickson, and Michelle Miller

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-424-0, 168 pages


What is the best way to get results from time spent studying? What can be done about bullying in schools? Is there any way to get people to enjoy their jobs more? How can people be persuaded to be more environmentally responsible? Can mindfulness improve well-being?

These are just some of the questions students will be able to answer after reading Psychological Science in Action: Applying Psychology to Everyday Issues, an anthology highlighting the applicability of psychological information to a variety of real-life issues. Psychology brings together science and application, which are used in many different fields including education, health behaviors, and marketing. Understanding psychological knowledge plays an important part in many professions and areas of study, and it can be applied to almost all the issues facing individuals and society.

Psychological Science in Action: Applying Psychology to Everyday Issues presents a set of carefully selected research articles geared toward improving people's everyday lives, as well as humanity's collective future. Unique features of the book facilitate the learning outcomes outlined in the American Psychological Association's Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major.

  • The book opens with a guide to reading psychological research articles, and addresses the terminology, presentation, and organization associated with research writing in the field.
  • Individual articles are introduced by discussions of why the featured research is important, thus ensuring that students understand the significance of each topic.
  • Practical application assignments at the end of each chapter make it possible for students to test their new knowledge in concrete ways.

Readers of this anthology will understand important psychological concepts, engage in critical and creative thinking, and apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues.

Melik┼čah Demir received his Ph.D. from Wayne State University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northern Arizona University where he teaches the redesigned Introduction to Psychology course. His course was part of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Learner-Centered Education Course Redesign Initiative, a collaborative effort between ABOR and the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) from 2006 to 2009. Dr. Demir is also the coordinator for this course, and serves as a Redesign Scholar for the NCAT. His research examines the role close relationships play in individual happiness across the life-span and effectiveness of different types of happiness-enhancing strategies.