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Introduction to Psychology and CultureMia Palmer

Introduction to Psychology and Culture

Why Culture Matters (First Edition)
Mia Palmer

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-1553-0, 214 pages


Introduction to Psychology and Culture: Why Culture Matters helps students increase their multicultural competence by understanding how culture influences thoughts and behaviors. The anthology mixes carefully curated readings with inspirational quotes, tables, embedded video links, and personal reflection opportunities to create a text that not only provides rich content, but allows students to consider how new knowledge relates to and matters to them.

An introduction outlines main concepts and pertinent research, and each article has been chosen for the quality of the research behind it. Highlights from authors’ writing on a specific topic have been compiled to demonstrate diverse perspectives. Personal experiences and vignettes have been included to exemplify and clarify specific concepts. Supplemental articles and documentaries allow readers to access additional information using QR codes and their smart devices.

Introduction to Psychology and Culture has been thoughtfully developed so that the content is accessible to introductory students and includes explanations and vocabulary presentation that supports English Language Learners. It is well suited to courses in cultural, cross-cultural, and multicultural psychology, as well as those in global awareness.

Mia Palmer earned her bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and her M.S. in psychology, with an emphasis in chemical dependency and substance abuse, at California Coast University. Professor Palmer is an instructor at Mesa Community College in Arizona, where she teaches courses in introductory psychology, psychology and culture, and the psychology of death and dying. Additionally, Professor Palmer has taught psychology and culture in the college's study abroad program to England, France, and Scotland and is a mother of five.