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Helping You Help OthersKristen Cole

Helping You Help Others

A Guide to Field Placement Work in Psychological Services (Newly Revised First Edition)
Edited by Kristen Cole

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-978-8, 276 pages


Most books about field work in psychological services are designed for graduate-level formal internships and are focused on assessing and diagnosing clients, writing case notes, understanding documentation policies, completing formal training requirements, reviewing theories of psychotherapy, and interacting with a clinical supervisor. In contrast, Helping You Help Others: A Guide to Field Work in Psychological Services is appropriate for anyone in an exploration phase and interested in volunteering in the psychological and human services fields. The book is designed for those seeking to gain exposure to agencies, obtain experience with various populations, learn about the helping profession, and become familiar with a multitude of systems focused on assisting people in need.

This collection highlights skills required for being successful as a volunteer, reviews important cultural competency considerations, addresses special issues in the field, provides information about different populations served, and offers methods for preventing volunteer burn-out. It prepares volunteers for their experiences and encourages them to develop professionally, as well as personally. The readings provide an opportunity to apply the information to a volunteer site, the class activities create an interactive learning experience, and the homework assignments encourage personal reflection and professional growth.

Helping You Help Others: A Guide to Field Work in Psychological Services is designed for lower and upper division psychology field placement or practicum classes. It can be used in undergraduate programs at both community colleges and universities.

Kristen Cole, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a professor of psychology at San Diego City College. In addition to teaching, Dr. Cole develops curriculum for the Mental Health Work Certificate Program and serves on numerous helping profession advisory boards. She provides clinical supervision to military drug and alcohol counselors, conducts forensic psychological evaluations, and volunteers with the Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team. Dr. Cole is also a co-editor of the book Introduction to Academic and Career Opportunities in Psychology.

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