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Down the Rabbit HoleScott Gregory
    Print $91.95 $72.95

Down the Rabbit Hole

An Introduction to a Psychology of Dreams (First Edition)
Edited by Scott Gregory

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-165-5, 142 pages


Down the Rabbit Hole: An Introduction to a Psychology of Dreams introduces readers to the analysis and interpretation of dreams from the perspectives of psychological theory and therapeutic practice. The anthology presents a practical, psychological approach to dreams. It begins by building a solid foundation in the classical methods of dream analysis, and progresses toward modern, contemporary theory and therapeutic practice.

Keeping in mind the idea that the dream is about the dreamer, dream dictionaries and magical thinking are rejected as valid ways of understanding dreams. Students are invited to go down the rabbit hole themselves and to experience the direct application of theory and practice by working with their own dreams. Students consider what they have learned from studies in terms of both interpretation and integration. Perceptions of self and psychology are challenged as personal dream experiences are evaluated.

Extensively class-tested, the book includes introductions and reflections to frame the reading selections, as well as examples of applying theory and practice to dream analysis. Down the Rabbit Hole is designed specifically for undergraduate courses in the subject matter and can also serve as an adjunct reader for classes in counseling and psychotherapeutic approaches to dreams.

Scott Gregory holds a master's degree in transpersonal counseling psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. He earned a second master's degree in mythological studies with an emphasis in depth psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpenteria, California. Professor Gregory is a faculty member at the College of Southern Nevada, where he teaches courses in psychology, mythology in psychology, Buddhist psychology, and the psychology of dreams.