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International RelationsEdited by Sara Parker
    Print $113.95 $90.95

International Relations

Edited by Sara Parker

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-933-2, 374 pages


I found this text very informative and useful. It was filled with a great combination of articles/readings, concepts and definitions that opened my eyes and grew my interest in International Relations. This textbook really helped me understand and view the world in a different way.
— Michelle Danai, Student

This textbook provided real world examples that turned the abstract principals into concrete case studies. I found it to be a very accessible and interesting read.
—Javier Kordi, Student

This is one of those rare textbooks that I actually wanted to keep after the course was over. I really enjoyed reading scholarly articles alongside real-world case studies that illustrated what I was learning. The straightforward topical organization made it easy to understand current events in the light of history and international relations theory.
—Katy DiNatale, Student

International relations is a discipline that attempts to answer big questions about the way the world works. However, even big questions like "Why is there war?" or "How can we solve global environmental problems?" or "Is there such a thing as Universal Human Rights?" start with simple basic categories, themes, and approaches. This textbook does not presume that all students have in-depth knowledge of world affairs or clearly formulated opinions about the complexities of international politics. Instead, it presumes that all students can readily grasp the fundamental importance of studying the interactions that take place among humans at the global level and introduces students to the terminology, concepts, and theories that will enable them to make their own assessments about international politics, past and present. This text uses a unique combination of foundational readings and primary sources, application case studies, articles, and analytical essays to provide students with a thorough and practical introduction to international relations.

International Relations is organized in five units:

  • Unit one introduces readers to the concept of globalization and to the players in the international system.
  • Unit two introduces readers to international relations theory.
  • Unit three concentrates on the study of conflict and war, which is a fundamental concern of international relations theory.
  • Unit four examines human rights, alongside the concepts of rules and laws in the international system and humanitarian intervention.
  • Unit five returns to the topic of globalization.

Sara Parker holds a Ph.D. in international relations from the University of Delaware. Dr. Parker is currently the dean of the Social Sciences Division at Chabot Community College. Previously she was a faculty member in the political science department. She is also a Fulbright Scholar and chairs the American Political Science Association’s Status Committee on Community College Faculty in the Profession.

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