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Coming to Life in PoliticsEdited by Brian Robert Calfano
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Coming to Life in Politics

An Introductory Reader for American Government (Revised Edition)
Edited by Brian Robert Calfano

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-643-0, 346 pages


Traditional textbooks on American government focus on the foundations and structures of our political system. Seldom do such texts explore American government, its processes, procedures, challenges, and opportunities, from the unique perspectives of individuals with a developing awareness of their responsibilities as citizens. Coming to Life in Politics: An Introductory Reader for American Government departs from the norm of introductory texts by weaving the personal stories of individuals new to political consciousness into its discussion of American government. Rather than relate these personal stories through a third-person narrative, the book is written as a collection of personal essays. These are based on the long-form interviews Dr. Brian Calfano has conducted with his students in introductory American government courses during the past eight years.

Coming to Life in Politics is designed to offer students a fresh take on the motives, means, and opportunities for personal engagement in our political system. The book includes the basic information contained in traditional American government texts, but it also explores psychological, social, and media paths toward political engagement for the millennial generation.

Brian Calfano Brian Robert Calfano (PhD, University of North Texas 2007) is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Missouri State University. He is the author of over twenty peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on topics ranging from religion and politics, media influence on emotion, to candidate issue marketing. He is the Director of The Missouri State University Poll, and hosts a daily radio talk show in Springfield, Missouri. Dr. Calfano is also a regular contributor to television affiliates covering local and state politics. He uses these opportunities, first and foremost, to introduce students to the connections between media, elite influence, and perception on political behavior. Coming to Life in Politics is the culmination of several years of work with beginning college students on their understanding of government, and the motives they have for taking control of their political identity.