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American National Government (Revised Edition)Leah Murray
    Print $111.95 $88.95

American National Government

(Revised Edition)
Edited by Leah Murray

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-013-6, 508 pages


Traditional textbooks for American National Government courses often make reference to theories or ideas, but instructors are left to supplement their courses to illustrate the theoretical underpinnings to students. American National Government gathers together a series of readings that corresponds to the common subject divisions of teaching an introductory government course, giving students and instructors access to important primary source materials. Students will learn about the founding of the nation from the actual words of Locke and Hobbes or the Civil Rights Movement from Martin Luther King, Jr. himself in his Letter from Birmingham Jail. This work is an ideal theoretical supplement to any American National Government course.

Leah A. Murray is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Weber State University and has been responsible for teaching hundreds of students in Introduction to American National Government courses. She earned a PhD. in Political Science from the University of Albany in 2004. Her research areas include the national institutions, elections, youth and political participation, and popular culture and politics. She has published in each of these areas and has worked on writing introductory textbooks, the instructors’ manuals associated with those textbooks, as well as feature materials for textbooks.